Sector-leading Production

A production process that’s Innovative, agile and environment-friendly

Sanovel is producing for a healthy future and leading the pharmaceutical sector with its world-class production facilities, technological infrastructure, powerful R&D, and unique talent. The company’s concept of manufacturing products to global standards in an innovative and agile manner with due respect to both society and environment, helps it go from strength to strength, every single day.

Working Together To Redeem Great Success

Our physical, chemical, and microbiological analyses of all starting materials, finished products, stability samples, and the controls of production areas are carried out by relevant departments with the latest technical + analytical equipment, in accordance with cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) rules. This happens within quality control laboratories established in an area encompassing 2,000+ square meters.

Sanovel is the first and only firm in Turkey which uses the SDMS-VP system (Scientific Data Management System). This system enables one of the most important conditions for cGMP, which is the ability to reach all laboratory records in an electronic form. Thus allowing retrospective research.

The production facilities possess an effective quality assurance system, the aim of which is to ensure that products are manufactured safely and to the desired standards, that they are produced from the starting materials and substances up to the finished product (in accordance with cGMP regulations), and allows efficient quality control checks.

All of the above aligns to our philosophy of producing for a healthy future through continuous development and a constant aim to make things better for the patients around the world.

Protecting The Earth Is Our Duty

At Sanovel, we aim to protect both nature and human health, in all the activities we undertake.

Environmentally responsible production

An Open Door To Innovation And Development

Sanovel Pharmaceutical follows an innovative and global manufacturing philosophy. It’s modern production facility established in 2006 at Çantaköy, Silivri, Istanbul, is a testament to the same.

The Silivri Factory

Making our way into the future through R&D

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