Our Story

Sanovel's journey from the past to the present...

We are growing by not departing from our values.

Erol Toksöz entered the Pharmaceutical sector in 1976 when he founded Ankara Galenos Pharmaceutical Wholesaler, thereby laying the foundations for Sanovel to begin in 1983. The firm, since the day it was founded, has been developing without compromising the values it believes in and wholeheartedly adheres to. Every passing day the firm has gained more experience and updated itself. It has kept in step with contemporary requirements in an agile manner. It has added value to every stage of production through valuing humanity, the environment and its entire workforce.

A journey from a team of five people to a business spanning five continents

Sanovel began its production journey in Şişli with a small team of five people. With all its strength it has moved towards its goals and has grown larger and more powerful each day. The firm currently owns a 59,000 square metre covered area within a plot of 125,000 square metres. Sanovel carries out its production to global standards in its modern facilities, employing innovative methods. It has now expanded beyond the national borders and is available globally, taking its place in the global market. With every step it has taken, Sanovel aims to advance our country's pharmaceutical sector and, with the same passion with which we began, to become renowned in different continents for our successes.

Sanovel has always been open towards development, change, new ideas and innovation. It was founded using 100% local funding and for more than 30 years has worked on enabling a healthy future. According to IMS data, Sanovel is one of the ten biggest firms in terms of turnover within the pharmaceutical industry. It continues to makes us proud with its new achievements.

The Story of our Factory

Sanovel Pharmaceutical laid the foundations for its new pharmaceutical manufacturing facility on the 3rd November 2001 in Çantaköy (Silivri, Istanbul) and began production in all its lines in April 2006. The aim in setting up the new facility was to increase production capacity and, at the same time, to be approved by the international accreditation bodies so as to be in a position to manufacture for overseas markets. With this aim in mind, the facility continues to develop its production each day, in order to establish a global reputation for achievement.

The new production facility consists of the main production unit, the cephalosporin production unit, purification unit, R & D centre, tall warehouse and social facilities. The production capacity in a single shift is 300 million boxes. Sanovel is one of the ten biggest firms in the Turkish pharmaceutical sector. It manufactures using the most advanced technologies, in strict accordance with the latest Good Manufacturing Practice standards of the World Health Organisation.

With its staff, who are experts in their field, qualified workforce and innovative R & D team, it produces solutions for the needs of modern medicine by making agile moves. By its local and international stance, it provides direction to the Turkish pharmaceutical industry and achieves brand recognition in international markets. It is working to secure benefit for our country's economy, the world and every human being. It strives with all its ability to build a healthy future.