Message from the CEO

M. Murat Aktürk - CEO

Sanovel Pharmaceuticals is a brand that has continuously grown with an unfaltering determination since its very first establishment, achieving world-class competencies through its investments in production and R&D. With our stable corporate structure and relationships built on the trust established with all our stakeholders in the healthcare sector for more than 30 years, we are delighted to be recognised as a role model in the industry today.

Thanks to Sanovel’s wide product portfolio and production capacity, we have been amongst the top 3 domestic companies in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry’s virtual turnover ranking (according to IQVIA data), every year. Sanovel can lay claim to its superiority in branded-generic drug manufacturing, but its true strengths come from investing in R&D. We now have an R&D Centre alongside the factory in Silivri / Istanbul, with an annual production capacity of over 300 million boxes.

The important steps we have taken by focusing on R&D, have today given us the title of the pharmaceutical company holding the highest number of patents. Thanks to this and our learnings from exporting to three other continents, we are now able to sell the medication manufactured in our FDA approved line to the USA. We owe this success on an international scale to the high quality standards which we display in our R&D, production, and management processes - some of our core business functions on which we have never compromised.

As you may already know, we are all experiencing a period in which the value of the pharmaceutical sector is now being appreciated in terms of its ability to preserve human life, worldwide. We are facing a situation in which the COVID-19 pandemic and other potential epidemics may threaten the future of humanity. I must say that we are proud, under the difficult conditions this era has brought us, to have developed our strengths further to secure the health of our population. Thereby making a significant contribution to Turkey becoming a country of self-sufficiency, with respect to the provision of pharmaceuticals.

When we take a wider perspective in evaluating the situation we are in, I see that there are important lessons to be learnt for the entire sector. As the pharmaceutical industry, I think we have important opportunities, after the globally disruptive transformation we have experienced, both socially and economically, to reposition ourselves in the eyes of the public for the services we provide and, as a sector, to re-evaluate where we stand. As our Republic approaches the hundredth anniversary since its foundation, I believe we should focus on the future of the "Turkish Medicine" brand and turn to the responsibility of our sector to stake its claim globally. Thanks to the medical schools set up by our country, the qualified doctors, pharmacists, and healthcare professionals, there is now a strong infrastructure to help educate and promote investments made in healthcare services. This has also given us a tremendous elevation in medicine, where we may be considered a global brand. At this historical turning point, Turkish pharmaceutical firms, with their advanced capacity to invest in R&D alongside global qualifications, should be the most significant supporters of this movement. Sanovel Pharmaceutical is a believer in this goal and positions its brand built by constantly adding value, as a participant and driving force behind Turkey's branding goals in the healthcare field.

As we always have, Sanovel will continue to undertake responsibilities, set examples, and be a leader in our sector, along with ever-present dedication to achieving greater goals. Today, with our 1,300 employees representing Sanovel across Turkey, we pledge to wholeheartedly contribute to the future development of our sector and the country's economy, whilst remaining loyal to the values of Sanovel that make us who we are.

Yours faithfully,
M. Murat Akturk

The source of our success is our unique human capital